Our Hot, Sexy Culture: Welcome to the Burn Ward

Aleteia: “A new mainstream Hollywood film, ‘Gimme Shelter,’ explores the world of ‘throwaway girls’ and the crisis pregnancy shelters that embrace them.”

(HT: Eric Metaxas)

The Pro-Life Argument That’s Not Pro-Life

This cartoon is one of the more recent Facebook memes to make its way around Christian circles. It’s popped up in my newsfeed several times over the past few weeks, each time with at least tacit approval by the person who posted it. This worries me a little because although it might seem like it is pro-life, it actually makes an argument more fitting of the pro-choice movement. Continue reading The Pro-Life Argument That’s Not Pro-Life

Where Have All the Girls Gone?

According to this article on FoxNews.com, the United Nations Population Fund is reporting that practice such as abortion, infanticide, and neglect in Asia have resulted in at least 60 million “missing” girls. The article reminded me of the speech that Mother Teresa gave upon her receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979: Continue reading Where Have All the Girls Gone?