A Biblical Response to Election Results

A Biblical Response to Election Results

my sermon from last Sunday:

  1. Pray (1 Timothy 2:1-4)
    1. How?
      1. Supplications
      2. Prayers
      3. Intercessions
      4. Thanksgivings
    2. Why?
      1. That we would be free to worship
      2. That we would be free to serve both God and man
      3. That all men, including our leaders, would be saved
  2. Submit (1 Peter 2:13-16)
    1. How?
      1. By obeying, putting yourself under control, subjecting yourself to
      2. By doing and encouraging the good
      3. By acting as free men
      4. By using your freedom for others’ good instead of your own
    2. Why?
      1. It’s the will of God.
      2. To silence the ignorance of foolish men.
  3. Honor (1 Peter 2:17)
    1. How?
      1. Love the brotherhood.
      2. Honor the king, but fear God.
    2. Why?
      1. i. “The honor is the recognition of the value of each man in his place as the creature of God.” (Expositor’s Bible Commentary)

How to Respond to the Election

  1. Pray for President Obama, Governor Christie, and all other elected officials and decision-makers more than you complain about them.
  2. Obey (in both attitude and action) all laws that do not contradict God’s commands.
  3. Do good to all men, and encourage all men to do good.
  4. Commit yourself to “speak evil of no one” and “to avoid quarreling” about politics.

We Are All Witnesses

my sermon from last Sunday:

We Are All Witnesses
Acts 1:1-11

  1. What We Witness
    1. Witness = martys-> martyr
      1. Testifies to facts
      2. Offers the truth
      3. Gives an evangelistic confession
    2. Christians testify to the facts and truth of Jesus’ death and resurrection and give a confession of the salvation we have through them.
  2. Why We Witness
    1. The Resurrection is Real (1:3)
    2. God Is Working Through Us (1:1, 8)
    3. The Gospel Is Our Only Hope for Change (1:6-8)
    4. Time Is Short (1:11)
  3. Where We Witness
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Judea and Samaria
    3. The End of the Earth
  4. How We Witness
    1. Through the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit
    2. Each According to His Gifts and Calling
    3. Both Individually and as a Church

When You Feel Like Giving Up

my sermon from this past Sunday:

When You Feel Like Giving Up
1 Kings 19

I. Elijah’s Problem
A. Focus on the Temporal
B. Forgetfulness
C. Fear
D. Flight

II. God’s Solution
A. Resources
B. Revelation
C. Relationships
D. Recommission

When You Feel Like Giving Up:
1. Trust God to provide.
2. Seek God in His Word.
3. Avoid isolating yourself.
4. Get/stay involved in ministry.

The Adequacy of God

The following is my chapel message from the other day. The Secondary chapel had been going through a series based on the book Knowing God by J.I. Packer. I spoke on Chapter 22, “The Adequacy of God.” [All Scripture quotations are from the English Standard Version.]

As Mr. P_____ said, our topic today is “The Adequacy of God.” Now, adequacy isn’t exactly a term we use on a daily basis so someone tell me what it means to be adequate. [students responded] I don’t know why, but to me, the word adequate has a negative connotation. It seems like it belongs between “fair” and “good” on a scale ranking how great something is. I tend to see being “adequate” as being a negative (or at best a neutral) thing, but in actuality it’s a positive thing. The definition we’ll be using for today will hopefully remove some of those negative connotations we assign to the word. And that is this: “to be adequate is to satisfy in terms of quality and/or quantity.” I’ll say that again: to be adequate is to satisfy in terms of quality and/or quantity. I have 3 cups of water on the podium here. [One was only about 1/4 filled with clean water, one was filled with dirty water, and one was filled with clean water.] You’ve just finished soccer, or basketball, or baseball practice; you’re hot and sweaty and thirsty. Which of these cups would be most adequate? [students responded, choosing the cup filled with clean water] Right, it is more satisfying in terms of quantity than this cup, and it is more satisfying in terms of quality than this cup. So when we talk about the “adequacy” of God, we are talking about him satisfying a need or needs, the way this cup of water would satisfy your thirst. Continue reading The Adequacy of God