About Me

I am a pastoral intern (providing support in preaching, missions, and technology) at Community Bible Church in Dunellen, New Jersey. I am an alumnus of Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn University) and a student at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (where I am pursuing an M.Div. in Theological Studies). I would classify myself as a moderately-Calvinist Baptist (or as I sometimes put it: I’m more Reformed than most Baptists, but too Anabaptist to be Reformed). My beliefs have been formed, challenged, and refined through reading, studying, and a diverse set of experiences:

  • I grew up going to a Lutheran church.
  • I attended a Catholic high school.
  • I came to faith in Jesus Christ while attending a Conservative Baptist church in between my freshman and sophomore years of high school and was a member there for 15+ years.
  • I’ve been on a number of missions trips to Russia (including a year-long internship in between high school and college), where I was exposed to atheism and Russian Orthodoxy.
  • I went to a dispensational Bible college.
  • I am studying at a Southern Baptist seminary.
  • I have worked at two non-denominational Bible churches (one in Louisiana and one in New Jersey).

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